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Meet The Tactical
Survival Kit

The Highest Customer Rated
Survival Kit on The Internet

This high-level survival kit is equipped to help you off-grid or even survive a zombie apocalype, should the need arise. We’ve even added a newly designed shockproof case to protect all these essential tools. Tools such as a torch flashlight, tactical pen, wire saw and more!

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Survival Kit Features

Strictly Designed For Superior Durability
& Easy Usage

  • Tactical Pen

    Blunt end tactical pen capable of shattering glass or delivering blunt force to an attacker.

  • Emergency Thermal BLanket

    Extremely portable and then but built to retain body heat in the harshest of conditions.

  • Multi-functional Compass

    A survivalist kit wouldn't be complete without a portable compass to pinpoint locations.

  • Laser Pointer

    Powerful 2000m laser pointer that can send SOS signals from far distances.

  • Tactical Flashlight

    With high beam, low beam and strobe like modes. Blindness is in the dark is no longer a problem.

  • Wire Saw

    The wire saw can slice most things, with minimal effort. Pocket size with the strenght of a full size saw.

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Only 72 kits Left In Stock!
Explore Endless Possibilities

Military Durability & Endless Use Cases

Create Memories

But Be Prepared

No matter your outdoor adventure, bring the survival kit with you. Accidents happen all the time. Being prepared is what gives you the upperhand when the unexpected happens.

Military Quality

Built To Last

Military type design with heavy duty, individual compartment case. Small enough to fit inside any bag to accompany your adventures.

Safety In Design

For Sticky Situations

Surviving the unexpected starts with having the proper tool. The survival kit was perfectly designed to keep you alive when the unexpected falls upon you.

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Only 72 kits Left In Stock!
Customer Testimonials

Find Out What Tactical Enthusiasts Have to Say About The Survival Kit



“This survival kit has pretty much everything you need for outdoor adventures as described. The box is very compact and waterproof. I plan to keep it in my car and I have it with me for my camping, fishing and hiking events. I recommend this to everyone. ”

Sammy | Feb 14, 2021


Great Kit

“A close inspection of this kit reveals that it has ALMOST everything I would want to take with me, if I'm going into the deep woods. I go deer hunting with my son-in-law every winter. Sometimes, we go down to his family's acreage down near Houston. They have a LOT of land and it's easy to get turned around, if you're not familiar with that area. I've been lost in the woods before. It's terrifying. Good buy.”

Tony | Feb 3, 2021


Yes! Get it!

“ What a great product for men. My husband loved this gift! Very durable and sturdy and the knife came very sharp. My husband still hasn’t stopped playing with this and it came a few days ago! Very impressed!! ”

Tracey | Sep 24, 2020


Great Kit for a Great Price!

“To be honest, I was actually quite surprised about how high quality every piece of this kit is. Everything worked out of the box, nothing was broken or missing, and everything does its job. I have recently started hiking and doing the longer trails so this kit is great to have around.”

Alex | Nov 20, 2020

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Only 72 kits Left In Stock!